How to Change your YouTube Channel URL in 2016 – 6 Easy Steps

So in a previous article, I explained how to change your YouTube channel name in a couple of easy steps. From here you can take it a step further and customize your YouTube Channel URL.

Before you jump in and start changing your YouTube Channel URL, you need to be aware that there are some eligibility requirements. To help you out, here they are:

Your account needs to meet these requirements:

  • Be in good standing
  • Have 100 or more subscribers
  • Be at least 30 days old
  • Have an uploaded photo as channel icon
  • Have uploaded channel art
  • You can also qualify for a custom URL that aligns with your web domain by linking and verifying your official webpage with your connected Google+ page

It's a bit of a problem to those who lack patience like me, however once you meet the criteria, changing your YouTube Channel URL is pretty simple.

Here's how you do it.

Step #1

Open your YouTube Channel and click on the little Cogwheel icon to the right directly under your Channel Art.



Step #2

From here, select “Advanced Settings“.



Step #3

You should be familiar with this process by now and so click on “Change” next to your YouTube Channel name.



Step #4

Now click on “Edit on Google+” to go through to your Google+ page. This is where you will create/change your channel URL.



Step #5

Click “Cancel” unless you would like to change your name again. Look at the very top of the screen and you'll see a little notification stating that your page is eligible for a custom URL. Click “Get URL“. Please Note though that if you do not see this, you probably do not meet the eligibility requirements that I have mentioned above.



Step #6

The final step is to give your YouTube Channel a new URL. Accept the Terms of Service and click “Change URL“. You're Done.



Again, hope this little guide helped you out and if you need any help, just leave a comment.